War, Displacement, and National Identity

Volume 3, No. 1

Fall 2022

Letter from the Editor
John Klopotowski
Reporting from the Front Lines: An Evaluation of International Humanitarian Law Protecting Journalists in War Zones
Minji Kang
History of Refugee Laws in Europe: Discrepancies and the Impact in the Ukraine-Russia War
Stella Mendez-Sepassipour
The Turkish Odyssey
Fethi Can Yaşar
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in the Fergana Valley of Kyrgyzstan
Mané Berikyan and Aurora Cody
Homelessness in Los Angeles and Shanghai: Causes, Perceptions, Consequences
Mendy Kong
Ensuring Economic Opportunity for Disproportionately Impacted Communities in Los Angeles County, CA
Meghan Anand
Resource Democracy: Ghana
Kaylanie Johnson
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